Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It was very late at night.  I was having computer problems.  Every time I tried to log in to my Gmail account, something would pop up and ask if I wanted to install it and wouldn't go away no matter how hard I clicked the "x," pressed "Ctrl, Alt, Delete," or "Alt, F4."  'Twas frustrating.
So, I went to the only person who I knew could help me: Dad.  He was up late as well with his own computer troubles, but he agreed to help me with mine.  He fixed my 'pooter up and told me to try logging in again.  I did and the same thing happened.  He helped me again and I tried once more, but the virus window popped up once again.
Eventually, we just gave up and I went to sleep.  As I dozed off, I woke up - to soft kitten whiskers tickling my face.

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