Monday, November 15, 2010


Upon waking at around 5:30 AM to the first snow of the winter, this is the dream that I was able to recount:
In the beginning of the dream, I was in some sort of hospital, though the architecture of the building hinted more at that of a large, many-roomed lakeside cabin.  I was brought by three nurses to a room with a wide double bed (covered by a faded quilt) for my examinations.  They told me to lay down.  While I did so, a man (the senior doctor) appeared in the doorway.  He was holding a clipboard.
He commenced the examination gently.  While he was probing my stomach, he paused, hands hovering over my belly, eyes widening.  "My dear," said he, "Do you realize that you are with child?"
I don't remember saying anything affirmative or to the contrary, and I don't remember thinking anything was amiss.  It was only when I returned to my room and considered the fact that I was still a virgin that things started to spiral out of my hands. 
The rest of the dream is hazy, but I can recall wondering if I should tell people through one of my newsletters (my immediate family already knew and were quite pleased) and deciding against it.  Sometime afterwards, my boyfriend and his friend were at my house gaming (which is odd, because we don't own any consoles, not counting the computer) and I was having trouble finding the words to tell them, least of all my boyfriend.  I remember biting my lip and looking down at the rip in the knee of his jeans (I've never seen a pair of his jeans ripped before, so this was also odd) and feeling all jumbled up and panicked before I woke up.


  1. Well honey, here it sounds like you have an idea that you don't know how to express to the world. The idea matches the feelings, ideas, or images that you connect with your family, but not as much with that of your boyfriend.

  2. Wow. Dude. You are so right. That was insanely helpful.
    My mind is blown. Danke. :)