Monday, March 14, 2011


It was a cool summer afternoon, and by that I mean that it was seventy degrees Fahrenheit (at the least) in the shade, and if you were lucky, the humidity was low enough for things to be bearably hot and stifling.  My boyfriend (here referred to as Mandrake) and I, my siblings (Sol and Rose) and my mother were strolling through Minnehaha Park, a place I've been to a bare few times in my life, but that I'm still greatly enamored with.
Evidently, a festival of sorts was taking place there today: people lounged about on blankets thrown over the grass, children ran barefoot from the hills to the stream and back again, live music was playing and food was being made available. 
Mom and Sol parted ways with us, saying they were going down to the stream to cool off.  Mandrake, Rose and I shrugged and ambled over to where a group of people were performing an acapella line-up.  Suddenly, they started singing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours."  Rose and I jumped up and joined their circle, which was now singing and dancing, as the song was quite familiar to us and we were fond of it.  Mandrake watched bemusedly from the grass, perhaps humming along.
By the time the song was over, the whole park was singing and clapping in time with the music.  the performers finished with a soulful flourish, the crowd clapped and ululated, we bowed and congratulated each other.  It was only then that I realized the person next to me was a boy from my past -- he had been one of my closest friends for a long time, and it had been about five years since I last saw him.  We'll refer to him here as Mac.
As I gaped at him in surprise, he looked over at me smilingly, offering a hand to shake, but as he took in who I was, he dropped his hand and his expression changed to mimic my own.  Of course, afterwards came the general excitement of encountering someone close to you who had been gone for many years.  I thought to introduce Mac to Mandrake, but he seemed to have disappeared without my noticing before now.  I was vaguely worried, but I figured he could take care of himself.  Besides, I suspected that he had transformed into Mac for some reason I couldn't put my finger on.
Anyways, Mac, Rose (she was happy to see him, too) and I spent the remainder of the afternoon in merry frolicking and catching up.  It was a pleasant enough dream.

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